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Oracle/ITA Collegiate Tennis Division I Rankings – What You Need To Know

With the dual match portion of the 2016-17 Division I college tennis season underway, it’s a good time to take a look at the Oracle/ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings and how they are applied during the season.

Top 25 Coaches Poll
As voted on by the Division I Operating Committee in 2016, the first six Oracle/ITA national team rankings have shifted to a Top 25 format, to better align with other collegiate sports. A panel of 14 coaches on both the men’s and women’s side comprise the national ranking committees.

When the rankings move to the computerized format following the ITA National Team Indoor Championships (Feb. 21), the Top 50 teams will be publicized. Coaches will have access to unpublished rankings and are encouraged to share that information with their SIDs and media contacts for promotional purposes.

Singles & Doubles Rankings

The national singles and doubles rankings for the entire 2016-17 season are generated through the approved rankings algorithm. The Top 125 singles players are listed, while doubles showcase the Top 60 pairings.

When Are Rankings Published?
Rankings are published on Wednesdays, up through Feb. 15. Starting on Feb. 21, the release date will shift to Tuesdays. Exact publication time varies, but usually falls in the range of 9-11 a.m. MT.

Partnership with the NCAA
The ITA has a long-standing partnership in place with the NCAA, and in particular, the Division I Tennis Committee, and as a result of the collaboration, the Oracle/ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings meet the standards required by both organizations. The Oracle/ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings for team, singles and doubles are used by the NCAA Tennis Committee to determine seeding for the NCAA Tennis Championships.

Rankings Manual
ITA Rankings and Championships Coordinator Chris Eriksson has put together a rankings manual that provides more information on how the Oracle/ITA Collegiate Tennis Rankings work. You can view that document here.