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Timothy Russell

Timothy Russell, Ph. D. – ITA CEO

Dr. Timothy Russell was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association effective July 1, 2015. He was inducted into the ITA’s Men’s Tennis Hall of Fame in May of 2015. Previously he was inducted into the USTA Southwest Section’s Tennis Hall of Fame in November of 2011 and the USTA Central Arizona Hall of Fame in April of 2009. Throughout 2013 and 2014 he served as a member of the national Executive Committee of the United States Tennis Association in his capacity as a Presidential Appointee.  

An avid tennis player since he was nine years old, Dr. Russell has been an active tennis volunteer locally, sectionally, and nationally throughout the last two decades. From 2007-2010 he was the chair of the USTA’s national Collegiate Varsity Committee.  From 2011-2012 he served as a member of the USTA’s Presidential Task Force on Tennis and Higher Education and as the Chair of the USTA’s national Junior Competition Committee. From 2003-2008 he was a member of the USTA’s national Youth Competition and Training Committee, of which he served as Vice Chair. He also served a two-year term as the national delegate from the USTA’s Southwest Section, following his two-year term as the Southwest Section President.

From 2003 to 2013 Dr. Russell served as the Chair of the Southwest Section’s Coaching Commission.  He has made three presentations at the USTA’s National Tennis Teacher’s Conferences (regarding deliberate practice, mindfulness, and innovative ways to compare tennis teaching to the teaching of the arts) as well as offering sectional clinics. He was the coach of the Southwest Section’s 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 14’s Zonal Team. In 2008 the Southwest Section team won the national Zone Team Championship.

The Russell family was voted the Southwest Section Family of the Year for 2004, having been named the Phoenix Area’s Family of the Year for 1999 and 2004. Dr. Russell was named the Phoenix Area’s Junior Competitive Volunteer for 2000 and 2001.  He was named the Southwest Section’s 2002 Junior Competitive Volunteer of the Year. Dr. Russell has become an innovative spokesperson for the sport of tennis. He hopes to finish a new book, Mindful Tennis: Lessons from the World’s Greatest Coaches, Touring Professionals, and Peak Performance Experts, written with distinguished Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer.

A Danforth Foundation Fellow, Timothy Russell spent over three decades in higher education, teachings at two major DI schools (now a Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University and formerly at The Ohio State University) as well as at the University of Rochester, a leading DIII institution. In 1995 he became a USPTR Certified Tennis Instructor, to further his knowledge of the sport.